The voting for which of the eight films in Fangoria's FrightFest lineup would make it to the big screen has closed, with Darin Scott's Dark House taking away the top prize. What's the prize, you ask? A week long theatrical run in New York City, Dallas and San Fransisco starting this July 30th. Live outside one of those three cities? Don't worry, you'll be able to rent this "high-tech take on the traditional 'haunted house,' featuring a charismatically maniacal performance by horror legend Jeffrey Combs" starting August 6th from any Blockbuster location in the US. Yes, Blockbuster's do indeed still exist.

The once-great movie rental giant has an exclusive window on all eight of the FrightFest films beginning on the 6th of August and ending on the 28th of September. Once that barrier is gone, however, you should be able to buy or rent the entire FrightFest lineup at your leisure. If you've forgotten what that lineup consists of, here's a reminder (plot descriptions courteous of Fango):
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