The long sad story of MGM is finally over and the big casualty was Bond, James Bond. It seems an awful shame for Daniel Craig's turn as the super-agent to end with such a whimper. But if there is one thing you can count on in this world from Bond fans it's resilience. I mean, it wasn't easy to come to terms with that pigeon double-take in Moonraker, but we did it. Well, now we have Esquire coming to terms with the possible loss of Daniel Craig by proposing four new candidates for a license to kill.

So who made the cut? The magazine decided to do a little division by nationality, and we have The 'English Bond' represented by Christian Bale. Guy Pearce made the short-list for the Aussie set, and finally AD-man Don Draper, aka Jon Hamm steps in as The American Bond. But the big winner was everyone's action go-to guy, Sam Worthington and was voted as the top contender for Bond...and I couldn't disagree more.

Bond has been many things over the years; comical, dashing, and lately, even a little sociopath. But while I'm all for new interpretations of Bond, I just think Worthington is missing that certain something. The Australian actor has been attached to just about every film to come down the pipe these days at one point or another, so if Esquire dismissed Bale from the running thanks to 'Franchise Fatigue', I think Worthington is suffering from a similar affliction. But like they say; we need solutions, not problems, so that's why I decided to nominate a few Bonds of my own.
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