Paul the Psychic Octopus, who is no stranger to controversy, has had his last predictive mission before retirement hijacked, much to the ire of Twilight fans.

Paul, whose occupation on Wikipedia is listed as 'Exhibit/Psychic Football Pundit', shot to fame when he started to predict, to an accuracy of 100%, Germany and Spain's wins and losses throughout the recent World Cup tournament.

In a final guess before he goes back to what he does best ('making children laugh', according to his owners) Paul correctly predicted that Spain would win the cup by selecting his mussel lunch from the box draped with the country's flag. However, some joker took that video and changed the flags to pictures of Jacob (the moody werewolf) and Edward (the moody vampire), so it looks like Paul predicts that Jacob will end up with Bella (the moody human).

Anyway, humourless Robert Pattinson fans have hit the internet in disgust, shouting 'Is this a joke?!' and 'the octopus has no taste!' because like, duh, everyone knows that Bella ends up with Edward in the final book, Breaking Dawn.

Watch the fake Paul video after the jump...
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