Read that title and you might be asking yourself: what's up with this crazy chick posting images from Italian men's Vogue on SciFi Squad? One look at the images will hopefully ease any concerns. The photographs, shot by Steven Klein in 2006, depict Vogue's play on a post-apocalyptic style -- before things like steampunk became uber popular.

The images are quite stunning -- and I like that the clothing used for the shoot isn't dripping with Victorian flourishes or is totally futuristic. The look is achieved instead with simple black and white, with touches of red, and a few basic details that suggest vintage/modern without screaming it. So, even if you don't like gazing at fashion spreads, just take a peek because these photographs look like they could be stills from some kind of decadent sci-fi nightmare. Some of my favorite images are in the gallery below.

[via Haute Macabre]
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