Judge DreddDo you still have a bad taste in your mouth from the 1995 version of Judge Dreddstarring Sylvester Stallone? To understand many of the problems with that movie, let me explain with a simple sentence: the DVD of that movie is distributed by Walt Disney Studios. Fortunately, the new movie is promised to be grimmer and grittier than its predecessor. It also involves Judge Anderson, who is actually a comic book character in that universe unlike the first movie's Judge Hershey.

I'm all for a reboot of this franchise. Make it the parody of law enforcement that it was intended to be. Robocop (which was inspired by the 'Judge Dredd' comics) was a more accurate representation than the godawful Stallone movie. At least if they consider this new movie a pseudo-sequel, they won't have to go through Dredd's origin again.

Hopefully if the reboot does well, there will be a sequel involving Dredd's equivalent of an arch nemesis, Judge Death. That would be very grim and gritty indeed.
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