The wave of news on superhero films has been surging ahead of the San Diego Comics Convention, which runs this Thursday to Sunday, for days now. But for me, it's has just crested with these two concept images from Marvel Studios' upcoming films Captain America: The First Avengerand Thor.

I've found myself getting burned out on all the superhero movie news lately, particularly that these two properties were destined to undergo post-production 3D conversions. None of the Thor images Marvel has released have piqued my interest and, so far, all we have seen of Captain America were renderings of the costume Chris Evans would be wearing. However, these two bits of concept art do give a greater idea of the kind of the visual energy that Marvel will be shooting for both of these films. And I must say, I love the direction of it.

I'm particularly fond of the Thor fighting Loki concept art pictured above, but Captain America on the battlefield in World War II, which you can see below, is really quite something. That's just me, though, what say you?