I occasionally find myself feeling sorry for M. Night Shyamalan these days. The guy's become a human punching bag for every film fan with a keyboard and journalist looking to get a few laughs. I'll be the first to admit that I haven't enjoyed much of his work since Unbreakable (Signs did have its moments, though), but the level of venom and vitriol directed at the guy since the release of The Last Airbender has been fascinating to watch -- in a sort of scary and bizarre way. I'm no M. Night apologist, but it's not exactly like he's Uwe Boll, either.

So, I can't help but cringe when footage like this Q&A session turns up on YouTube. Doing press for the film with Jackson Rathbone, Shyamalan is asked a very tough question -- a reporter who wonders if he's made this film because he's "selling out" to try and regain his fanbase. To be fair, the entire clip is uncomfortable not only because the question is so pointed and negative, but also because Shyamalan still seems incapable of acknowledging that while he may think his previous efforts are satisfying, not everyone else does. What follows is this odd and uncomfortable answer where the filmmaker tries to defend his career and filmography.

It's easy to look at the clip and see Shyamalan as at least somewhat deluded about the quality of his own work, but let's be honest -- how would any of us react to hearing someone trash our work? We might be in denial and defend it too. Hit the jump to check out the video. Are you tired of bashing M. Night yet or is this a joke that never gets old?