If there's one thing we love here at Horror Squad, it's videogames featuring zombies. The shambling undead make great cannon fodder in the videogame world -- they're creepy, you can fill screens with hordes of them, and no one ever feels any real remorse for shooting them in the face -- repeatedly.

Adam Sessler and the X-Playgang clearly appreciate a good zombie game -- and they've released a video highlighting their seven favorites. Why seven? It's one more than six and there's that whole 666 thing as Adam points out.

I'm mostly in agreement with the selections, which run the gamut from the obvious (Resident Evil 4) to the quirky (Plants vs. Zombies) to the inspired (great to see Stubbs the Zombieget some love...). I don't agree with their top pick being in the number one spot, but I do think the game belongs on the list somewhere -- so I can't complain too much. However, there's at least one glaring oversight on this list -- where is Zombies Ate My Neighbors? Clearly that game deserved a spot over some of the other choices.

Hit the jump to see all the selections then create your own list in the comment section.

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