It's something most Hollywood stars can only dream of and hope for: A role that transcends film to become an iconic cultural touchstone, a role so embraced by fans that you are forever after linked with that character and that moment. If an actor is very, very lucky, they might land a role like that once in their lifetime.

Unless that star happens to be Cindy Morgan, of course. The actress brought not one, but two iconic roles to life: first as every teen boy's dream woman, Lacy Underall, in 1980's legendary comedy 'Caddyshack,' and then two years later the very different but no less revered role of Yori in the groundbreaking sci-fi adventure 'Tron.'

On the eve of this year's Comic-Con International we had the chance to sit down for a lengthy conversation with the actress to find out all the details on her upcoming book about 'Caddyshack,' what role she might be playing in 'Tron: Legacy,' and her appearance at Comic-Con.
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