Do you feel that? That electric hum in the air? It's only going to get stronger as September 23rd gets nearer and nearer. What happens on September 23rd, you ask? Fantastic Fest begins. That's right, the coolest genre film festival in the world is a mere 64 days away as of this writing.

The festival, which is held almost entirely at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas over the course of seven days, has just released the first wave of titles programmed. And I do mean first wave; only 13 titles have been dished out in this initial press release and if I recall correctly, last year's fest had some 50+ feature films, so the brilliant minds behind the fest (which includes Drafthouse founder Tim League, Ain't It Cool News headgeek Harry Knowles, and Twitch Film honcho Todd Brown) have plenty of tricks still waiting to be unveiled.

Below you can find trailers for all 13 of the feature films just announced for the fest, but before perusing the goods I should also remind everyone about some of the previously-announced coolness. First there's Fantastic Arcade, a showcase for the best independent video games in the industry, and its associated gamer-themed films Joysticks, The Last Starfighter, The Wizard, Nerdcore Rising, Nightmares, Playing Columbine and Red Vs. Blue Revelation. And if that's not fantastic enough for you, FF will also be honoring Stuart Gordon and Jeffrey Combs with screenings of From Beyond and Re-Animator, as well as a special presentation of Combs' one-man stage play, Nevermore... An Evening With Edgar Allen Poe. That last bit alone should have any genre fan waiting for September with baited breath, but it only gets better from there: