The tagline for Angelina Jolie's newest action/thriller Salt is simply, "Who is Salt?" But from sitting down to talk with this superstar, it's clear that no matter who CIA agent Evelyn Salt really is, Angelina Jolie embodies her from head to toe -- even though the role was originally written for a man. Jolie came on when Tom Cruise dropped out, and Edwin became Evelyn with some small changes. Jolie talked to reporters about building bombs, female action heroes in fantasy versus reality, and making Evelyn even more ruthless than "the boys." [Small spoiler ahoy!]

Can you talk a little bit about the research you did for this role and how you used it to inform your character?

We spent a lot of time with different people who'd worked in the Russia House and the CIA, and I think the biggest note I took from them was how isolated and lonely they felt not being able to talk about their life and their work with anybody in their family, and what a sacrifice that is. And how only when they finally retire do they feel this relief of actually being able to sit around the dinner table and have real conversations and not have to hide anything and not have to lie about anything. And what an unusual type of personality that must be. That informed a lot.