While looking around for information on the release of Lucio Fulci's City of the Living Dead on Blu-ray, I stumbled upon some interesting tidbits. It appears that Arrow Films, the company responsible for releasing the Fulci classic in the UK, has a whole slew of Argento films planned for UK Blu-ray!

The info comes by way of both pre-order pages on UK online stores as well as from what appears to be Arrow sources posting confirmations and updates on cult movie forums. Titles that are floating around include Deep Red, Tenebrae, Inferno, Phenomena and The Cat o' Nine Tails. It looks like Tenebrae and Phenomena are on the docket but have been pushed until next year. Arrow has apparently done 3 new interviews to be included on the Tenebrae release. Deep Red is definitely happening as a DVD with 5 new featurettes created for the release and a Blu-ray is under "serious consideration" if it can be done well. Inferno looks to be the one closest to release. Arrow announced that it was pushing the title from August to a September release date, though most retailers are still listing the August 2nd date of release. Inferno looks to be just as feature-packed as the Arrow City of the Living Dead release! Head past the jump to check out all of the proposed special features.

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