Everybody likes Australian disco diva Kylie Minogue, especially Sir Ian McKellen, who in interviews has infrequently gushed about the Aussie temptress. So everybody should be hot to trot to hear about Ms. Minogue's new starring role in Jack and Diane. In it she plays a lesbian that tempts another lesbian who suffers from "werewolf-like visions." If you aren't sold on this project yet, you sir or madam as the case may be, have a heart (or maybe just a groin) made of stone). I feel sorry for you hypothetical dreary people.

According to Dark Horizons, Jack and Diane stars two girls, neither of whom are played by Minogue, who fall in love and struggle to maintain a long distance relationship. This is especially hard considering that Diane suffers from "werewolf-like visions" due to her "newly awakened sexual desires." The New York Post pinned down an "inside source that said Minogue would eventually kiss a girl but it's unclear which girl. Still: the good news is that she will kiss a girl and we certainly will like it. And now to wipe the unsightly drool from my keyboard.
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