I wasn't a fan of Alexandre Aja's Hills Have Eyes follow-up, Mirrors. I thought it was too silly to be so self-serious; a single idea spread too thin across a 90 minute run time. I don't think that's entirely Aja's fault, though, as the original Korean film it was based on, Into the Mirror, also just isn't very good. That said, I'm willing to give Mirrors 2 a fair shake for a few reasons.

The first is that it stars Nick Stahl, an actor who I think doesn't get nearly enough work as it is. The second is that it's directed by Victor Garcia, whose Return to House on Haunted Hill I actually have a soft spot for (notice I didn't say that it was good, just that I had a soft spot for it. I blame the 'choose your own adventure' gimmick.). The third, and biggest, reason I'm intrigued by Mirrors 2 is that it was scripted by Matt Venne.

Venne hasn't written a ton of features, but he did write White Noise 2: The Light, one of the few straight-to-video sequels that I think is not only inventive and unique, but completely crushes its original film. Will I be saying the same of Mirrors 2 when it hits this October 19th? I'm not so optimistic. I'll show you why:
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