Since catching Gareth Edwards' Monsters at its SXSW premiere, I've been wondering how exactly its distributors (Magnet Releasing here in the States, Vertigo over in the UK) were going to handle the marketing for the film. On paper its premise sounds not all that unlike something you might find coming out of Hollywood-- Man must escort Woman through the Infected Zone, a massive swath of land between South and North America that has been quarantined six years after a crashed NASA space probe brought a devastating species of alien life to Earth. However, Monsters is basically the polar opposite of a Hollywood alien invasion movie.

Edwards' entire goal was to make a sweet love story in the aftermath of an alien invasion, to tell a story where the characters always arrive right after the action has taken place. He exceeded brilliantly at doing so, I think, but convincing people of that is going to be hard thing to do if they go in expecting Monsters to be a, well, giant monster movie. I really like this new UK quad poster, which comes from Digital Spy, but unless you know that the film is about the aftermath and not the battle, so to speak, I think it could be selling a very different idea than what the movie actually is.
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