Could we soon see a sequel to the Oliver Stone-penned, Brian De Palma-directed 80s classic Scarface? Chatting up his new movie South of the Border in London, Stone talked Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps with Total Film and said he had so much fun going back to Gordon Gekko that he wanted to do more sequels.

He did seem to be joking when he told the site, "It's been great to go back with Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. I should go back and do 'Son of Scarface' or something!"

Nevertheless, a story following the dead Tony Montana's child would seem to be in keeping with Stone's sequel etiquette to date – Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is really the tale of Gordon Gekko's daughter Winnie (played by Carey Mulligan) and her relationship with an upshot broker (Shia LaBeouf).