Star Wars
has become a presence in my house once again. My four-year-old hasn't seen the movies yet, but he has become aware of everything Star Wars. He knows the characters, knows about lightsabers and is concerned with who is a good guy and who is a bad guy. (How to explain Boba Fett, who fights against the good guys, but is really only working for the money?) In any case, I have been pondering the movies again. I like to think about the concept of them as "cult" movies, in that, even though they're extremely popular, their fan base is extremely devoted in the same way a similar cult audience would be to a smaller movie. I still haven't decided.

But I have also come to the conclusion that the movies aren't really that "cool." It's hard to explain; they're lovable, but they're a little too nerdy and serious to be cool. Everything in them is to be taken at face value. However, searching a little deeper, I have found certain things about the movies that are cool, indicating that Lucas knew a little something about his cool film history. And hence my quick list.
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