We started our Best Summer Movie of All Time Tournament on May 5th. At the offset of the tournament we had 64 films vying for the crown. Each week we asked you, our dear readers, to vote for who should move on to the next round and each week you guys and gals turned out in great numbers to keep the tournament going. I don't have the actual statistics on hand, but there's no questioning that you guys made this our most successful tournament to date (take that, Geek-Off Tournament!).

Now, two and a half months later, we finally have a winner. In the end it came down to Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope vs Raiders of the Lost Ark; Lucas versus Lucas; gruff and grizzled Harrison Ford versus gruff and grizzled Harrison Ford. And now that the polls have closed, trusty 'ole Star Wars wound up pulling ahead and taking home the trophy. It was hardly a landslide victory, though, with Indiana Jones losing out to Luke Skywalker by about only 5% of the vote.

And though that's a narrow win, it's not nearly as close as the vote for Round 9, when Raiders of the Lost Ark trumped The Empire Strikes Back by a single vote. So if you're one of the people who thinks Empire is better than A New Hope and didn't vote two weeks ago, you could have been the deciding factor. I don't know how you'll ever live with yourself.

I'm not sure just yet what our next tournament will be, but we most definitely will be doing one in the fall. So if you have any suggestions, please do fire them off below. And, again, I can't stress enough; thanks for all the votes! We simply couldn't do these things without your support.

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