The Tubular Bells ring loud and proud in Turkey, in a 1974 remake of The Exorcist by William Friedkin -- Şeytan. If the Turkish film seems familiar, that's because it's an almost shot for shot recreation of the 1973 movie. The girl at the heart of the story has a similarly odd name -- Gul. Turkish remakes aren't really so unusual, however -- there's been a Turkish Star Wars among other film favorites.

The story for Şeytan plays out pretty much the same girl plays with Ouija Board, girl (who actually bears a resemblance to Linda Blair) starts to go mad, and is eventually discovered to be possessed by Satan himself (Şeytan is Turkish for Satan after all). While the effects for this version aren't top notch, they aren't the absolute worst -- but some things elicit a chuckle. I'll leave you to discover those things for yourself, after you hit the jump to catch the beginning. Follow the YouTube links for the full film. Mostly, Şeytan is interesting to watch because the differences between Islamic and Christian culture stand out, and in a sense change the meaning of the production even though you're essentially seeing the same images on screen.

I've also included a trailer for the German Exorcist remake, Magdalena, vom Teufel besessen, which appears to be slightly sleazy -- shocker! Head to the comments and let us know if you think these versions of the famed flick are just as entertaining as the original, or if they're as crummy as pea soup.
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