Revenge of the Creature, Directed by Jack Arnold, 1955

Synopsis: The Creature from the Black Lagoon (referred to as the "Gillman" in this movie) is moved from the Amazon to Florida, as part of a theme park attraction.

My Thoughts: This was my first time to watch this film away from the MST3K commentary, and even when I originally saw that episode, I felt like the movie was probably too good for their usual lampooning. It's dated, but not a bad high-concept sequel. They could've chosen a whole new team to journey down the Amazon and run afoul of the Creature, but they didn't, so kudos for trying something new.

There's nothing particularly remarkable about it, and it plays out almost exactly how you expect it to, but as a monster matinee, you could do a lot worse. I like the scenes where the Creature is passed out face first in the water and the theme park workers have to sort of move him around in the pool, almost like walking a dog. I kept waiting for him to jump up and claw a trainer's arm off. This sequel bridges the gap to The Creature Walks Among Us, which I've always felt is one of Universal's most unjustly overlooked monster movies.

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