Comic-con is barely underway and we already have our first piece of big news.

Author Max Brooks has confirmed that Brad Pitt is now officially set to star in the big screen adaptation of the mega-popular novel World War Z according to MTV's Movies Blog. Pitt, who's production company won a bidding war to acquire the rights to the book several years ago, has long been rumored to be the leading man in the movie version. Paramount will distribute the film, which Brooks says should be in theaters by summer of 2012.

The novel focuses on firsthand survivor accounts of a worldwide zombie outbreak. The original script was written by sci-fi scribe J. Michael Straczynski and was then rewritten by Matthew Michael Carnahan. According to Brooks, a new version of the script has been turned in and director Marc Forster should be ready to start moving forward now that he has his leading man.

Getting Pitt to star in your film seems like it would be more than enough good news for one day, but Brooks has also learned that Paramount has optioned two of his other books: The Zombie Survival Guide and Recorded Attacks. The Survival Guide offers practical advice on how to survive a zombie attack, while Recorded Attacks is a graphic novel that recounts some of the major battles in the human-zombie war. Vamps may be making a comeback, but it looks like the zombie still rules the horror movie universe at this point.
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