I've got a great idea for a documentary. I will attempt to go a full year without wearing pants, as a film crew follows me and my goal and presents just how difficult such a wardrobe restriction makes my everyday life. Not interested? Is it because you know my blogging profession would not make it so hard to go 365 days without bottoms or because the task is not tied to some greater protest or cause? Probably a little of both, plus the fact that you'd have no interest in seeing a feature film of just me walking around pantsless.

But what other sort of restrictions or obstructions are there worth centering a documentary around? Something that's not just a stunt but also a form of activism, be it focused on Americans' health, the legality of drugs, being more environmentally conscious or some other such effort that could make a difference beyond what it does to the single person or family living out that strict set of rules during a set time frame.

I know people who regularly plan out monthly meal missions involving the deprivation of a particular food, such as cheese or bread or french fries. Unless they made it out to be for a greater message regarding either diet restrictions or obesity their constant changes to their eating habits aren't of much interest to anyone but themselves. This is why they don't have filmmakers documenting their lives as the subjects of this week's trio of films did.
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