How do you revive a franchise so tired that even its chief villain has been dead for nearly four films?

You go 3D, baby. You go 3D.

Saw 3D, previously given the so-bad-it's-good title Saw 3D: The Traps Come Alive, now has two teaser posters. And they look like, well, Saw posters. Another close-up on a body part that's either been severed or put in some sort of scary/gross/wacky context. First, we've got an eyeball...but an eyeball with Jigsaw's symbol on it! Dun, dun duhhhn! Secondly, we have a poster that wants to make it very, very clear that these traps will come alive in 3D. It's not particularly inspired or interesting, but it's probably the most artistic Saw poster yet, so a small round of applause for all.

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