I love me some Sam Raimi.

I love me some westerns.

I love me some movies set in the post-apocalypse.

Therefore, if my math works out right, I'm in love with the idea of Raimi making Earp: Saints For Sinners, which transplants legendary lawman Wyatt Earp to a ruined future world, where he teams up with his brothers and Doc Holiday to run crime out of the city of Las Vegas. Like most movies these days, Earp is based on a comic book, although this is a still-unpublished comic book, so we're unable to make a wager on quality. At least not yet.

Raimi's in an odd spot right now. The wonderful Drag Me to Hell underperformed, he got kicked off the Spider-Man franchise and he's already got Oz, the Great and Powerful on his plate. Where does Earp fit into this? Will he work on it while the script for Oz gets a new draft or two? Or will this be his post-Oz project? Either way, when I hear Raimi and western in the same sentence, I think of The Quick and the Dead and I get a little giddy. This will definitely be familiar territory for Raimi, but when the shoe fits and you make that shoe look good, you just wear the damn shoe.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)
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