The Comic-Con panel for Sony's 2011 alien invasion flick Battle: Los Angeles was set to take place today, but before that, director Jonathan Liebesman, producer Neil Moritz, and stars Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez held a press conference to promote the film. Not only did all involved dish about the project, but they unveiled the first three stills from the film, which you can see in the gallery below.

The title is proof of truth in advertising. Aliens invade and the film follows a marine platoon (featuring Eckhart and Rodriguez) as they battle across L.A.. Liebesman and company are promising a large scale action film filled with special effects, one that presents its heroes and villains in purely black and white terms. Liebesman explains it like this: "The time is right for these kinds of black and white, good versus evil movies." Meanwhile producer Neil Moritz points out that these alien invasion films are a staple of the movie industry.

Rodriguez and Eckhart both discussed their roles in the film -- and Eckhart even graciously answered Batman questions by pointing out that he'd love to work with Christopher Nolan again. The actor also explained that they spent three weeks going through bootcamp in order to get into shape and learn to use the military weaponry. Eckhart found the experience allowed the cast to bond and should go a long way toward ensuring that the military action in the film is as real as possible -- something Liebesman was insistent about achieving.

Battle: Los Angeles is set to march into theaters next March. Sony's promising more set photos later today, so check back here and we'll update the gallery as soon the images are released.