Tron: LegacyAs Comic-Con gets underway in San Diego, today Disney released the second theatrical trailer for the highly anticipated 'Tron: Legacy,' which features Jeff Bridges looking decades younger -- exactly like he did in the original 1982 classic.

The new trailer repeats a few visuals and plot points from the first trailer, confirming what we already know: 'Tron: Legacy' focuses on Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), the 27-year old son of programmer Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), who mysteriously disappeared more than two decades ago. Flynn's old friend and business partner, Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner), an ENCOM senior executive/consultant, contacts Sam about a message he's received via pager, supposedly from Sam's father. Sam enters Flynn's old arcade and, like his father 28 years earlier, he's digitized and enters Tron's virtual world of perpetual combat games.