Although Salt star Angelina Jolie is the one getting the most photographers' shutters clicking, the movie has a whole team of talented people behind it. It's impossible to overlook her costars Liev Schreiber and Chiwetel Ejiofor's dynamic presences onscreen, or director Phillip Noyce's (Catch a Fire,Rabbit-Proof Fence) touch when it came to frenetic action scenes. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura was also behind the scenes to shepherd Salt from script to screen.

As Salt stomps into theaters, it seems like spies are everywhere, and not just in the movies. Earlier this summer came news that 11 Russian spies were arrested by the feds; neighbors and friends were shocked, although perhaps one of the stories that's gotten the most mileage is about the sexual proclivities of one of the younger spies, Anna Chapman, whose photos have been making the rounds.

In any case, for a few days in D.C., both Salt-y and real-life spies were the topic of convo among journalists, stars, and a panel of experts. The expert panel was comprised of former Secretary of the US Department of Homeland security Tom Ridge, retired KGB agent Oleg Kalugin, former CIA agent and consultant on Salt Melissa Boyle Mahle, and Kurt Whitworth, former Director of Communications for Intelligence and Analysis. During my time in DC, we assembled to talk to us about everything from researching roles, going undercover, and, of course, working with Angelina Jolie. (Read an interview with Angelina Jolie talking about Salthere.)