Steve CooganDespite much talk of an Alan Partridge movie it looks as if Steve Coogan will be reprising another of his TV roles in his next movie project.

According to reports, Coogan is set to make a movie version of the 2002 BBC comedy drama Cruise Of The Gods.

In case you don't remember, the BBC production starred a line up that also included David Walliams and Rob Brydon playing actors from a cheesy 80s sci-fi series Children Of Castor who were reunited at a fan convention on a cruise ship. Before long old tensions resurface, principally between Coogan's egotistical Nick Lee who's the only cast member to have made a career for himself in Hollywood and his former co-star Andy van Allen (Brydon) who's now struggling to make a living.

Find out more and watch a clip from the original series after the jump...
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