The biggest pop culture event of the year kicks off today in San Diego, as tens of thousands of people descend upon San Diego for Comic-Con International. But as studios and publishers prepare to try and wow the crowds with presentations and one-up each other with exclusive announcements and news flashes, one of the biggest stories of the entire show has already taken place before the doors have even opened, involving two words sure to get any comic fan's heart aflutter: Astro City.

Yes, the long wait is finally over for fans of the award winning and critically acclaimed series 'Kurt Busiek's Astro City,' as according to Deadline, Working Title Films announced yesterday that they have signed a deal to develop the series into a live action feature film. And even better for comic fans, the movie will undoubtedly be sticking close to the source material for the simple reason that, as part of the deal, Busiek himself will be writing the script.
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