I've never been to London, but should I ever get around to visiting England I'm going to be sure to schedule a trip to The London Dungeon. Not only does the place look cool, but their newest advertising campaign has won me over despite the fact that they had to pull the digitized ad from from the city's subway system.

The new advertisement features Queen Mary (nicknamed Bloody Mary for burning 300 religious dissenters at the stake, and focus of a new show at The London Dungeon), looking all prim and dour, but then she morphs into a savage looking zombie right before your eyes. It's really no different than a million YouTube videos we've all seen, but I imagine the effect of it out in the "real world," where you're not expecting it, is pretty profound.

In fact, that's the impetus behind the banning of the ad. Never a bad thing when you're too effective, I guess. The Telegraph reports "the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled that the poster ad should not be used again as it had 'terrified' children and breached fear and distress guidelines." They're probably right, and you definitely don't want little kids freaking out in the subway -- where they could get really hurt -- but I still dig the ad.

Check it out for yourself after the jump.

[via io9]
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