Documentary filmmaker Amir Bar-Lev(My Kid Could Paint That; The Tillman Story) is the latest non-fiction film director to make the transition to drama. I would say to fiction, but Bar-Lev's first non-doc project will be based on a true story, specifically on the life of Grateful Dead front man Jerry Garcia. According to Variety, the biopic will tackle the man's early years, so don't attempt to picture some actor wearing a bushy white beard on screen. This appears to be different from the Garcia biopic announced three years ago, as instead of producer Justin Berfield this involves the son of Michael Eisner and some of the guys behind Little Miss Sunshine.

The script is being written by Dungeons & Dragons writer Topper Lilien and will be based on parts of Robert Greenfield's Dark Star, an oral-history-styled biography that covers Garcia's entire life. How far into that life the film will go into is unclear, but while I'm sure it would be fine to focus solely on one stage, say his time in the army or when he was mostly playing bluegrass music, but I'm sure fans -- sorry Deadheads -- will want at least some stuff involving at least the Warlocks. Then maybe in Avengers-style fashion, whoever plays Garcia here can team up with Amy Adams as Janis Joplin for a joint sequel combined as a dramatized remake of the doc Festival Express.
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