This Friday, a quirky, accident-prone eight-year-old named Ramona Quimby is making her big-screen debut in 'Ramona and Beezus.' Based on the character in Beverly Cleary's best-selling book series, 'Ramona' features an adorable girl who's often misunderstood, but who charms the pants off the adults around her even when it seems all is lost (such as when the kitchen is burning, or a car gets paint all over it, or the family home is in jeopardy). Seriously, though: who could resist that cute smile, or irrepressible spirit?

For a good chunk of the moviegoing population, 'Ramona' will bring back childhood memories of reading about her misadventures in a series that included 'Ramona Quimby, Age 8,' 'Ramona and Her Mother,' "Beezus and Ramona' and 'Ramona Forever.' And the film's arrival in theaters reminds us of a handful of other beloved children's books that should have their day in Hollywood -- or be treated to a thoroughly modern reboot of their original adaptations to film. Following in 'Ramona''s footsteps, these are a few of the books that savvy screenwriters might want to look to for their next bout of youthful inspiration.