- Natalie Portman is going for two very different looks in the films Hesher (left) and Black Swan (right), as you can see. For more on details and pics from each film, head to The Playlist for the former and Alison's post on the latter from earlier today.

- Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black has been hired by 20th Century Fox and producer David Gordon Green to pen a screenplay about real-life criminal Colton Harris-Moore, aka the "Barefoot Bandit." Green is also in negotiations to direct the movie. Hopefully if this is a success they can next make a movie about my ex-step-brother, who was known very shortly, yet nationally as the "Beanie Baby Bandit." You think I'm joking. Of course, there were apparently a lot of crooks given that moniker. Those Beanie Babies were hot!

- Don't be surprised if Let Me In doesn't open in too many theaters, if any, come October. Rumors are circulating that Overture doesn't have the P&A budget to properly sell and release the horror remake and are shopping the film around to other potential distributors. Can't they just rename it "Let the Vampire In"? That on a marquee will sell tickets with no need for any more trailers, posters or other materials related to advertising costs. Of course, so far both the trailer and poster are pretty awesome. Still, now we just have the "P" to worry about.
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