When I enter Zack Snyder's cinematic worlds, I feel like I'm looking through two windows. One is an entry-way into a vivid environment unlike anything I could ever imagine. It's lush and rich, but there's also depth and a sense of smart watchfulness. It's my favorite kind of cinema, where artistry finds the perfect path to blend with reality, teasing the eye, the emotions, and the mind. The other window, however, is not so magnetic and vibrant. It's off. It's not terrible, but it's not right. The world is a few shades from where it should be, the people and environment not acting quite right.

Stand back, and these windows create one cinematic experience, much like a stereoscope. But unlike that retro tool that makes the world 3D, these windows collide on screen, leaving a film that can, at times, be perfect, while at other times -- so far off the mark. Watching Snyder's fan-fueled adaptation, Watchmen, I am two people -- the fan who loves to see these characters brought to life in such a beautiful, vibrant, and exuberant manner, and the missteps that keep the film from being all that it could be.
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