Dan DareWarner Bros. has locked down rights to a feature-length film based on the UK comic hero Dan Dare. Rumors flew in March that Sam Worthington wanted to don Dare's uniform, and Variety's report confirms this. The popular character, which began in 1950, has appeared in comics, on the radio, in video games, and was adapted by the BBC for a 4-episode mini-series.

Most recently, Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future was brought back to life when billionaire Richard Branson bought the rights to turn it into a multimedia franchise. Since then, Garth Ennis (Preacher) took over the honors of bringing Dan Dare back to the page. Although when Dan Dare was originally launched, the magical future was 1990 (believe it!), Ennis' version takes place a few years after the original story ended, and, naturally, has the Ennis edge to it. You can read the full first issue of Ennis' Dan Dare online at Newsarama. Worthington told MTV in March that the movie will be based on the Ennis version.

Worthington will be reuniting with Clash of the Titans producer Basil Iwanyk for Dan Dare. Production Weekly's Twitter feed teased us 10 days ago that production on the sequel to Clash "has a tentative start date of February 2011," with an estimated Spring 2012 release. His next movie, The Debt, is scheduled to open at the end of December. So when will the beefy Worthington find time to make the leap into space as Dan Dare?
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