Ryan Reynolds may have mad skillz as Green Lantern, but his luck has run out in Rodrigo Cortes' Buried. The actor stars as an American contractor working in Iraq, who is attacked by insurgents, and wakes up to find himself buried alive. Yahoo Movies premiered a second trailer for the horror-thriller, and you can check it out with us after the jump.

The clip shows snippets of Reynolds communicating from his underground prison, with nothing but a lighter and a cell phone to aid him. The voices we hear on the other end of the phone calls he frantically makes guarantee that his escape won't be an easy one. Will he make it out alive before time runs out, or is Lionsgate going to be a total Debbie Downer? We'll find out in a limited theatrical release on September 24, and a wide release on October 8.

So it looks like we have the age old, "Is this a horror film or a thriller film?" thing going on with Buried. Sure, it's not supernatural horror or graphic gore, but it's horrific in that it portrays someone buried alive in the middle of the desert with a cell phone and little time. The film almost feels like a modern twist on The Cask of Amontillado. What say you dear reader -- will this one be horrific enough to get your butt into the theater, or are you waiting for something like L.A. Zombie instead? Perv.

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