Guillermo del Toro recently stepped down from directing The Hobbit, but don't feel bad for the filmmaker -- he's already filled the gap in his schedule. Del Toro took the Comic-Con stage yesterday to announce that he's directing a 3D version of The Haunted Mansion.

Based on the popular Disney theme park ride, the film is set to present the Hatbox Ghost as a prominent character. This marks the second attempt at taking the attraction and building a film around it, the first being 2003's dismal Eddie Murphy vehicle of the same name. Del Toro is promising that this version will not be a comedy and will instead focus on horror elements. The director quelled any fears of a Murphy return to the series by joking he was "ignoring Eddie Murphy's phone calls."

The director behind such films as The Devil's Backbone and the Hellboy franchise seems like a good fit for this project -- particulary if Disney is looking to go in a spookier direction this time around.

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