Cinematical's Indie Roundup: 'American Splendor,' 'Ghost World,' 'Kick-Ass'

Indie Roundup is your weekly guide to what's new and upcoming in the world of independent film. Pictured above
: American Splendor, Ghost World, Kick-Ass.

Where Are All the Indie Comic Book Movies? With motion pictures crowding out sequential art in the flood of news and reports from ComicCon, you'd think there would be be some indication that independent comics are being adapted for the big screen. And there is news, but it points to a very limited interpretation of the medium: superheroes, superheroes, and more superheroes. (At least Scott Pilgrim only occasionally looks like a superhero).

Well-made superhero movies deserve a place at the table; the independently-financed Kick-Ass was a personal favorite this spring. But there's such a rich, wide vein of material to be mined from comics and graphic novels, why should indie filmmakers limit themselves to caped crusaders? Where are the successors to American Splendor and Ghost World, indie films that drew their inspiration from Harvey Pekar and Daniel Clowes, respectively, but whose makers (Shari Springer Berman / Robert Pulcini and Terry Zwigoff, respectively) dared to fashion their own peculiar visions? Indie filmmakers could do worse than prowl the small-press aisles at ComicCon in search of gems not yet discovered by Hollywood.

Star-Studded Docs. In this week's Doc Talk, Cinematical's Christopher Campbell explores the "restriction-experiment-based genre" of documentaries, which is one way for filmmakers to get attention for their work. What about using celebrities? Is that legitimate? Or cheating somehow?

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