Oscar-winning documentarian Kevin Macdonald has his work cut out for him with his latest project. Life in a Day is an experiment that blends the immediacy of home filmmaking given a global platform on YouTube with a curious anthropological look at life in the digital age.

This coming Saturday, 24th July, Macdonald and producer Ridley Scott have asked anyone with a camcorder to film a day in their lives and submit it for inclusion in the project. He'll then blend the clips together to create a feature film, which will premiere at next year's Sundance Film Festival. 20 of those whose contributions make the final film will be flown out to Park City, Utah to attend the premiere.

But what does he expect to receive? How will he sort the footage? Will he be inundated with amateur porn? Sitting down with Cinematical for his only interview ahead of the big shoot day, Macdonald reveals all about his hopes and fears for the project and explains how you can take part.