After watching the Jackass crew destroy each other for years as a TV show and then through a number of films, I thought by now I'd be sick of the shtick. Yeah, it was funny the first 47 times you smashed that midget in the face with a pie full of nails, but could the guys -- including their fearless leader Johnny Knoxville -- somehow find enough originality and nasty humor to keep things going through yet another film? Well, after watching eight minutes of footage (in 3D, no less) I feel pretty safe in saying that, yes, these Jackass boys still know how to make you want to vomit within two minutes flat.

The footage was screened in the front of a giant trailer truck set up in an open parking lot in downtown San Diego -- where, among other things, you could hang out in the sun, play ping-pong, drink beers (out of these really cool paper bag-style koozies -- see image above), chat up the cast, eat free burgers and listen to cool music. What more could you want in life? I mean, really. Two of the several eight-or-so-minute screenings were filmed for audience reaction TV spots, and it's definitely not hard to get an audience reaction when it comes to Jackass. Let's just say the name of the main stunt we were shown was "Bungee Poo Cocktail", and it involved Steve-O sitting inside a port-o-potty filled with, um, poo, before being bungeed up in the air. I don't think you want me to tell you what happened next.

And it was in 3D.

Was the 3D better than Avatar? Maybe I'll let you decide on October 15th. But know that Jackass fans have nothing to worry about; these guys may have aged a bit, but they're just as sick and twisted as they've always been ... with or without the 3D.

Check out a gallery from the Jackass 3D event below.