by Jen Yamato

Robert Rodriguez is a filmmaker who regards his audience with particular fondness. So instead of bringing his September exploitation-action pic Machete to boring old Hall H, Rodriguez set up shop on a corner in downtown San Diego to throw a Comic-Con street party for anyone who wanted to come!

Thursday night's Machete party drew a crowd that lined up down the block hours early for the chance to see footage and scarf complimentary tacos from the Machete-themed taco truck (which Rodriguez and stars Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez had manned earlier in the day). Meanwhile, go-go dancers gyrated blithely to a mix of hip-hop, soul, and mariachi music while attendees admired a row of lowriders and classic cars. The drink specials? Tecate and margaritas, naturally.

With a nod to those who couldn't get in -- the folks still stuck behind the "border gates" -- Rodriguez and his two stars unveiled seven awesomely NSFW minutes of Machete, projected onto a building wall so large even fans outside the party boundaries could catch a glimpse.

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