Comic Con and 'Transformers 3' ScoopI'm here in San Diego getting my geek on. Never been? Did the tickets sell out before you could snag one? No worries, my friends. I'm about to give you a taste of some of the biggest films we're going to get a look at here. And maybe a few shots of terrifying people in costume. Last year I saw no less than 7 Slave Leias!

I'm reporting from the floor of the show. Take a look and email me at and let me know what movies you're looking forward to. And follow me on Twitter by clicking the link below. I'll be updating you from all the red carpets all weekend. Don't forget to check out Monday's show to see what we heard from the stars! We've also got a bit of 'Transformers 3' scoop for you. Check out the video after the jump.

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