Each year here at Comic Con, the parties have grown larger and larger. Walking with a fellow colleague last night, we passed the giant Macheteparty being held in a parking lot in downtown San Diego (check out Jen's coverage of that) -- complete with dancers, DJ, fly cars and plenty of booze. He looked at me and said, "This kinda stuff was not going on at Comic Con a couple years ago. What has this place turned into?"

Well, it's turned into quite the scene -- one where, aside from worrying about which panels you're covering, you need to spend an equal amount of time worrying about which parties you may or may not get into ... because, ya know, god forbid you misssomethingat Comic Con. I've been fortunate enough to slide my way into several parties here so far by convincing people I'm more important than I am (shhh), and so I wanted to shed a little light on what that scene is like.

Guests lists? Check. Long lines? Double check. Guy at the front door who looks at you as if he's lived his entire life hating just you? Ahem ... check. So far at Comic Con Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is winning the "Look at Me, Remember Me, and Tell All Your Friends About Me" prize. Not only are they hosting a very cool off-site event and plastering the town in Pilgrim swag, but last night's secret screening of the film -- complete with a DJ set from Automator and Kid Koala, and a post-screening surprise set from the band Metric -- was explosive, exciting and by far the best event at Comic Con yet. Read our Scott Pilgrim vs. the World review.

Pictured above: Tron: Legacy club
Pictured right: Scott Pilgrim stars Aubrey Plaza and Alison Pill