I've already seen Scott Pilgrim, so I'm gonna cover this panel a bit differently and just share the notes I took verbatim.

6:10 - Literally anyone who is even remotely involved with Scott Pilgrim is here. Dolly grip Ron Renzetti's goddaughter is very sweet.

6:11 Edgar Wright is moderating, and is easily the con's best moderator thus far this year. He's also very wise. To wit: "Not sure that all of my 13 guests combined can match one Lundgren."

6:11 Bryan Lee O'Malley is half-asian? I... did not expect that. Clearly I'm a huge Scott Pilgrim fan. Go Hapas!

6:13 A quick reel pairs some of O'Malley's panels with frames from the film. Had I not seen the movie or had tremendous faith in Edgar Wright, I would have been afraid that this adaptation had been put through the Zack Snyder Emulation Machine of Pointlessness (ZSEMP), but Wright deftly employs uniquely cinematic techniques to both revitalize the comic's moments and infuse them with both zest and meaning. This is a story in which image and presentation are key, and how Wright re-tells this story becomes a face of the story in and of itself. It walks the fine line of being a cool film about cool, and it seldom missteps.