Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables is the kind of movie where Jason Statham grabbing some faceless bad guy by the neck so as to better shoot him several times in the chest is the least violent thing happening in that particular scene. Whereas CG stand-ins were used to conceal hardcore sex in Eyes Wide Shut, The Expendables just uses insane blood-letting in the foreground to distract from the even more insane blood-letting happening behind it. Cast member Terry Crews (who entered the panel and immediately tore off his shirt to display his dancing pecs) opened things up by claiming that this is "The manliest movie ever made," and while I'd personally reserve that honor for something by Werner Herzog or Seijun Suzuki, it's really hard to argue with a man whose chest packs way more than I do. Especially when that man is sitting next to Dolph Lundgren (this is the part of the post where I tell you to go buy and endlessly re-watch Showdown in Little Tokyo).

With Stallone's testosterone opus slated to open in just three weeks, the star-studded panel was understandably more geared towards image and chatter than teasing footage. The Hall H stage was a murderer's row of muscle-bound icons, with Crews and Lundgren just a portion of a line-up that included Steve Austin, Randy Couture, Bruce Willis (who wandered onto the stage half-way through before making an inexplicably quick escape) and of course Stallone himself. Neither Arnold nor Jet Li and his Fists of Legend could make it, but convention attendees weren't exactly booing the line-up.

These are the 10 things that jumped out at me from the footage and banter...with mild spoiler warnings in effect.