Break out your bustiers and grab your lasso, because it looks like the Wonder Woman movie may be happening after all.

After more than five years of false starts and countless rumors (Jessica Biel and Megan Fox have both been linked to the role, while Jennifer Love Hewitt has said she'd love the part even if no one was asking her ... ) it appears as though things might finally be moving ahead on the project. Gossip swirling around Comic-Con indicates that Warner Bros. might finally unveil plans for a live-action film featuring the popular DC character at tomorrow's press conference from the convention.

Website The Playlist is saying that David Goyer could be involved with the project, which is both exciting and a little bit terrifying. Goyer wrote Batman Begins and helped craft the story of The Dark Knight. Those are both things that make me excited about him tackling this project. The scary part would be if they let him direct. Goyer's a great writer, but when he's calling the shots behind the camera, things don't seem to go nearly as well. Don't believe me? Check out Blade: Trinity or The Unborn.

It should be noted that this is purely speculation at this point -- no one's confirmed anything about Goyer or a Wonder Woman film and we most likely won't know something definitive until after tomorrow's Warner Bros. press conference. If it does come to pass, the assumption is that the film would have a 2013 release date.

We've chatted about potential Wonder Woman directors and actresses before, but feel free to make your picks in the comments section below.