Sylvester StalloneBack in the 1980s, you couldn't spin a cat in a cinema without hitting the oiled muscular abs of an action hero. In fact, you couldn't spin a cat at all, that sort of thing being frowned upon.

But the point remains that you were more than likely to end up watching the waxed abdominal muscles of Arnie, Sly, Jean Claude and, to a lesser extent, Dolph as they manfully went about their business killing, maiming and crushing their way to box office glory.

Those days are long gone, of course, although that hasn't stopped Sly Stallone doing his level best to bring them back with his Rambo and Rocky franchises and upcoming new actioner, The Expendables. Sly's also revealed in an interview which film he feels killed off the muscle man action star... Tim Burton's 1989 blockbuster Batman.

Speaking to LA Times blog Hero Complex, Sly said: "It was that first Batman movie. The action movies changed radically when it became possible to Velcro your muscles on. It was the beginning of a new era. The visual took over. The special effects became more important than the single person. That was the beginning of the end."
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