Tamara, directed by Jeremy Haft, 2005

It's always cool whenever you find a flick that you hadn't really heard of before and then discover that it's good. Such was the case with Jeremy Haft'sTamara, which our own Scott Weinberg recommended to me one night via Twitter.

Jenna Dewan plays the title character, a mousy girl who's the butt of pranks and not-so-secretly in love with her English teacher (Matthew Marsden). When her school paper article about the school's jocks using steroids causes some guys to get suspended from the team, the athletes plan their cruel revenge. They lure Tamara to a hotel under the pretense of meeting the man of her dreams and then burst in and videotape her while she's undressed in bed. Naturally, she flips out, and winds up dead. Or does she?

The teens decide to cover up the death and bury Tamara, but come Monday, she's back in class and looking like an entirely different girl in low cut tops and short skirts. Before you can say "supernatural revenge", she's knocking off everyone who tried to cover up her death in suitably gory ways.

Tamara reminded me of several films -- mostly Carrie and Hello, Mary Lou: Prom Night II. It's not a particularly original film, but it's fun despite its familiarity.
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