First off, my sincere apologies for this showing up a day late. I have no excuses, just completely spaced that it was my week to pick a movie and lead the discussion. Nonetheless, we're here now, and I hope you'll participate, because this week's film is flat out awesome.

Peeping Tom is one of those rare films that feels ahead of its time. Released the same year as Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, Peeping Tom also focuses on a lonely, troubled man trying to deal with a world in which he feels out of place. Both men are watchers, not simply voyeuristic but also violent, unsure of how to deal with their own sexuality let alone actual contact with the opposite sex. But where Norman Bates has his peepholes, Mark Lewis has his camera.

Michael Powell's Peeping Tom is certainly less well known than Psycho but not because it's lacking as a film in anyway. The complexity of Lewis' psyche played out against the larger framework of filmmaking makes for an engaging and intriguing experience, especially for cinephiles. Peeping Tom is available on Criterion Collection DVD and Netflix Watch Instantly, so be sure to check out and be ready for the discussion next week!
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