After watching the newly released teaser trailer for Saw 3D, the seventh (and reportedly final) installment in the series, a friend commented that the mere prospect of a scene or two taking place outdoors would be a welcome change of pace. Jigsaw's going to have to wait a little longer to see the light of day, though, as Lionsgate has pushed back the release a week to October 29th, giving Paranormal Activity 2 one weekend to draw its crowds on the 22nd and competing with Wes Craven's latest, My Soul to Take for the Halloween dollar.

Now, I know that it's mainly a money move, but I find it funny that the two sequels have been contending on the calendar like this, considering that Saw 6 director Kevin Greutert had briefly stepped away from that franchise to potentially helm PA2 until Lionsgate legally obligated him to finish the series off.

Their returns had been declining since the first sequel, with Saw 6 grossing half of what its predecessor had. (I know that I skipped out on that one in theaters.) The solution? 3D! As for Paranormal, it's either still being shot on the quick and quiet or (more likely) already in post-production by now, and as far as the Craven is concerned, well... we haven't seen a trailer or a poster yet, and since it's also in 3D (converted in post, ugh), it could shuffle off to a different date in an effort to snag some screens.

Oh, Jigsaw -- maybe the box office is your biggest trap of all.
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